Notes on Method

A few things are important to know if you’re just stopping by:

1.  I don’t write up recipes that haven’t been tested at least 2-3 times.  I generally go on a self-study bender and will focus on perfecting a certain item like crusts, meringues, butter creams, beef stews, stuff made of oats, etc.  My original goal was a recipe rolodex that I could just spin and keep repeating on a seasonal loop.  My creative and restless side has not yet allowed me to do this.

2.  I research extensively and read out of actual cookbooks, not just the internet.  I only use sources that I trust  (and it takes a long time to gain that trust).

3.   I love breakfast and dessert. My husband loves any meat that you put in front of him and will add extra salt to most foods.  Baking makes me happy.  I would do it more if I didn’t fear the extra 20 lbs I’d gain eating all my experiments.  Therefor it helps that he encourages me to work on savory meals.  Also, I don’t let the kids eat sugar/dessert more than once a week even though I have something every night.  Do as I say…

4.  My children’s schedules require me to work in fits and spurts.  Naptime. After bed-time.  One day a week they visit their Nana’s house for the afternoon and I can usually cram in some time in my “sandbox” as my husband likes to call the kitchen when I’m puttering like a mad scientist.

5.  I have montessori kids which means they have their own dull knives and peel most of my carrots and potatoes for fun.  They also love to wash dishes (shhhhh! Don’t tell them it’s not the fun part!).  I wish I had more time and more hands to allow the older two to help with more parts of meal prep.   We’ll have to wait until Baby C can do her share so she doesn’t get left out and jealous.


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