Lists of things

There’s a reason that marathoner’s and chefs often don’t hit their prime until after they are a little older.  I’m not saying I’m in mid-life or anything, but I was quite impatient when I was young. It took having three kids to teach me the meaning of patience and be able to appreciate all the wonderful things about cooking your own food from scratch.

Things I didn’t try until after I was 30 but were game-changers:

  1. Rhubarb
  2. Celery Root (ok it was late 20’s but still)
  3. Fontina Cheese, Cotija Cheese
  4. Making my own bolognese sauce
  5. Making danishes and yeast breads
  6. Making fresh pasta
Things I always keep on hand:
  1. Extra Butter in the freezer
  2. Some form of dairy richer than the 2% milk we drink (i.e.,plain yogurt, buttermilk, whole milk, cream, sour cream)
  3. Diced red peppers in the freezer
  4. bacon lardons in the freezer
  5. 3-4 kinds of mustard (yellow, brown, dijon, whole grain dijon)
  6. lemons
  7. parsley growing in a pot or in the garden
  8. carrots, celery, onion
  9. chicken stock (I mostly use canned because dividing and storing homemade takes lots of effort)
  10. Craisins. More versatile than you think.

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