Posted in January 2013

Crisp Chocolate Cookies

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for classic ice cream sandwiches.  The assembly/ice cream part of that recipe was ridiculously involved for the amount of time and patience I had when I tried it last summer. The great news is that these cookies keep in the freezer for ages and are deeply chocolatey with a hint … Continue reading

Foolproof Holiday Cookies with Kids

FOOLPROOF HOLIDAY COOKIES Published November 1, 2011.  From Cook’s Illustrated. These allow a lot of handling by small hands without getting too sticky.  Delicious with just sprinkles added right before baking or I like to use pre-made squeeze tubes of icing.  The Betty Crocker Cookie Icing (Randall’s/Wal-Mart) dries within one hour if you need to transport it … Continue reading