Freezer Choco Hazel Cookies

You’ll find the original recipe here and be glad to know that the freezer version makes it worth the effort.  I smooshed half of the cookie dough into the bottom of a gallon ziploc bag and froze them for a couple of weeks.  I think next time I will be more deliberate in my shaping of the freezer batch because these cookies are huge!  They remind me of cookies at the mall…yum. Who even buys those anymore?  Great Cookie Co, how I love to walk speedily past you.  They also look like biscotti, but then I like how this version shows off all the nuts.

slice and bake

Because the dough has so much chocolate in it, it freezes hard.  Slicing up the cookies required some muscle.  I recommend using a big chef’s knife with a towel to cushion the hand that’s pressing the blade through the dough.

Here’s the big question: Does this work if you don’t have a baking stone?  I preheated my stone in the oven to ensure that all the batches would be consistent.  (Usually I forget and have a lame trial batch at the beginning that gets eaten first which may or may not be a bad thing.)

I was nervous about modifying the temp and timing so I cooked them for 12 minutes.  Not as chewy as I would like…So stick to the original timing and temp even if they look less done in the center.  Don’t be nervous!  Just watch the edges and when they crisp up, you have your cookie.

375° oven, 8-10 minutes


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