Meyer Lemons

Don't know what to do with all these lemons!

Two summers ago, the folks at The Natural Gardener recommended that I try a potted Meyer Lemon Tree on my porch.  It gets a lot of indirect light and then a blast of late afternoon sun.  I have friends who have attempted the potted lemon experiment to no avail so I had low expectations.  Knowing that it needed lots of TLC, I covered it up last winter for every near-freeze and meticulously watered it during the worst drought of the last 50 years, and then fed it fish emulsion every month.  Low and behold, I got blossoms in spring that smelled amazing!  Then they were tiny lime-looking fruits for months and months, and then this November, they actually started turning yellow.

Meyer Lemons

I attribute all of it to the fish emulsion. I could visibly tell a difference every time I fertilized it–leaves would deepen their green and new leaves would sprout.  I’m sure that the other efforts helped a little, but that fish emulsion is magic.  (even if it is the stinkiest stuff I’ve ever smelled despite the label claiming it’s deodorized).

My toddler was ecstatic when they turned yellow and immediately announced “Let’s make wemo-wade!”  It’s a little difficult to explain to a two-year old that Meyer lemons are more floral and less lemon-y than your run of the mill lemonade lemon.  Since he was my primary plant water-er all summer, I had to let him enjoy the fruits of his labor.  Alas, the excitement of pouring a few squeezes of juice, sugar, and water into a glass and gulping it down more than disguised the fact that it didn’t taste like Country Time.   He has now taken to snatching them off the tree and asking for lemonade at the most inconvenient times.

I’m going to need to come up with something to do with all these beautiful lemons before they go bad.  They are gorgeous as a table decorations but I feel even more obligated to serve them up when I see the price for them in the grocery store!

Meyer Lemon and Saffron in bouillabaisse

The Meyer Lemon skin has very little pith so it's good for zesting.


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