Baby Food: Puree Pickiness

Baby W is officially addicted to Baby Mum-mums. These are rice wafers that melt in your mouth–kind of like a giant puff. Not many people know about these and I didn’t until Central Market crammed them down my throat by putting large displays of them throughout the store. THANK YOU Central Market for introducing us to our new friend, Mum-mums. But then they mysteriously ran out and did not replace them for a month–right as W was ramping up on her solids. She politely declined purees and anything she could not hold in her hand. She was intrigued by puffs and “baby Cheerios” (as E likes to call them) but could not figure out how to open her fist to get them in her mouth. Then the meal would quickly be over. After a week of dipping these Mum-mums in pee puree and applesauce or other baby food, we are now back onto normal spoon feeding like a normal baby who is not so headstrong as to refuse anything she can’t do herself.


Unfortunately, the ramping up on solids has interfered with our errand-running. So it’s already Thursday and I haven’t seen a grocery store yet this week. Adding baby meals into the schedule has caused several issues in addition the lack of adult-worthy food in the house including but not limited to her brother climbing into his chair when I’m feeding her and demanding his dinner. Mind you, this is an hour or two before his normal dinner time. Yes that’s right, I’m serving THREE dinners at this house. One from a jar for baby, one from the freezer for the toddler, and then something from the stove for mommy and daddy. It’s getting a bit absurd but hopefully we’ll adjust and consolidate very soon.

Last night we attempted to have E eat with us later. This resulted in the normal demand-my-dinner-when-baby-is-in-highchair around 6. I honored the request with some lovely pasta and broccoli which was not even touched. Then Daddy took him to Chipotle to pick up dinner for all of us and he ate some quesadilla and beans with us around his normal bedtime. We’re also pushing that back on account of the singing and talking we hear emanating from his room hours after his 7:30 bedtime. So, schedules to the wind! And we’ll see what happens.


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