Posted in September 2009

Baby Food: Puree Pickiness

Baby W is officially addicted to Baby Mum-mums. These are rice wafers that melt in your mouth–kind of like a giant puff. Not many people know about these and I didn’t until Central Market crammed them down my throat by putting large displays of them throughout the store. THANK YOU Central Market for introducing us … Continue reading

Chicken Stock

Fall weather has arrived! That accompanied by many germs and bugs jumping on our family has prompted a good ol‘ home remedy–chicken soup. This is a good thing to prep during naps and then let simmer all afternoon to be ready for dinner. Super easy to get the meat out for soup and save a … Continue reading

Croque Madame

A simple name for a serious sandwich. No really, it’s kind of difficult because there are too many balls in the air at once. But doesn’t it look so pretty and so French? Since every Friday is steak night around here, this is a wonderful way to have a quick Monday dinner with leftover Bechamel. … Continue reading