Baby Food Adventures Begin

My baby started solids a few weeks ago on her 5 month birthday. Because rice cereal is so blah, we went for some super ripe banana. She appreciated the freshly mashed version on a spoon, but much prefers to grab it and gnaw on it like a big kid. She’s also a huge fan of baby Mum Mums and screams when they break or when they’re gone. So far we’ve attempted lots of fruits because no one sells stage 1 vegetables and I ain’t pureeing and straining anything that much. Once she gets to chunkier textures, we’ll break out the Annabel Karmel recipes that I made for her brother. It’s only fair since he got quite the gourmet baby food.

Gerber Organic and Earth’s Best are our Stage 1 staples but they are a bit limited in their selection. Sprout Organics (by my fav Tyler Florence) look and taste delicious but the quantity is too big for her right now. We’ll be living off of them in MN next week though since they’re easily portable and not in glass jars.

A side note: Big brother ate some raw carrots wrapped in ham and dipped in honey mustard. He’s been a tad picky about vegetables lately (beans being the only ones he’ll eat) so I was so psyched that he liked raw carrots. Thank you to Piper from school who has been eating them for a year and who he always talks about.


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