Blackberry Shortcakes

2 C smushed blackberries
1/2 c whole blackberries
1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger
3 tbsp sugar

reheated shortcakes in toaster oven

So the ginger was the magic ingredient for this one and I was tempted to add mint but wanted to thoroughly evaluate the effect of the ginger first and not overwhelm the berries. I added about 1 tsp and we were teatering on the edge of overwhelming. Will cut back next time to the 1/2 I suggested above. Reheated shortcakes taste very nice.

With all this shortcake frenzy, I have let dinner go by the wayside and we’ve been eating some terrible junk. Davin saved the day with some Maudie’s fajitas for me after he and E went out for a guy’s night.

Note: Freshness of the blackberries matters! Had this again and berries were full of seeds.


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